Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Nina D. (Spouse) U.S.M.C
USMEA President
U.S. Federal Officer
United States Department of Homeland Security

Eric F (USMEA Board of Directors)
President & CEO

Mike R. U.S.M.C
USMEA (Board of Directors)

Doug B (Board of Directors)
Executive Director
Upper Limit Aviation

Dr. Julia N. (Board of Directors)
Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of State

Charles R.
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Edward U.
Major General (Ret) U.S. Marine Corps

Andy D.
Deputy Commanding General

Colonel Ronald G.
Chief, Americas Division, J5 Western Hemisphere at Joint Staff

Sarah J. MFT, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist & VA

Jerry S, (Ret) USAF
Flight Chief

Sandy F . MSN. LT.Col (Ret)
Inspector General-Inspections & Investigations
U.S. Air Force

Alex  L. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Office of the Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department

Alex F. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Los Angeles Police Department

Danel D. U.S. Marine Corps 1SGT (Ret)
Police Office San Diego Police Department

Marlon E.
Police Officer San Diego Police Department

Jeff F.
U.S Navy (Ret)

Chuck A.
USA 1SGT (Ret)

Paul R.

Thomas B
Coastline Community College
U.S. Army

William K.
U.S. Air Force (Ret)

Ken W.
U.S. Air Force (Ret)

Roy L.
Chief Master SGT (Ret)

Kellie S.
NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Aaron M . U.S. Army Veteran
Wounded Warrior Project

Bill R . U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Riverside County Sheriff (Ret)

Frank Y. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
Riverside County Sheriff

Larry A . USMC (Ret)
Riverside County Sheriff

Armando J . U.S. Army (Ret) 1SGT
State of California Law Enforcement

John A . U.S. Army (Ret) CSM
Higher Education

Brandon V. U.S. Air Force

Alex D. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Aaron M. U.S. Army Veteran

Jason F, J.D., Esq, Attorney at Law