United States Military Educators Association (USMEA) is working in collaboration with multiple Professional Veterans' Organizations, Corporations and Support Teams for a common purpose: "SERVING THOSE WHO SERVED US GLOBALLY".

USMEA has been officially recognized numerous times by the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, State Assembly, State Governors as well as the Department of Defense for providing excellent services and support throughout the United States of America to service members, veterans and their families. USMEA has also received the “Seven Seals Award”.


OUR MISSION: As a combined group of military educators from (vocational schools, community colleges and universities) which provide a quality education in a structured military and veterans environment with emphasis on;

Promoting and supporting ongoing quality educational programs delivered by accredited postsecondary educational institutions to military/veterans.

Identifying, studying and seeking solutions to issues that jointly affect member educational institutions which impact off-duty voluntary postsecondary education programs of the Department of Defense and Coast Guard, family members, civilians, and retirees.

Submitting findings to identified institutions and/or governmental agencies, individual state veterans’ services office in support of the purposes of United States Military Educators Association.

Working in partnership with other military and veteran groups in support of our service members.

All partner schools are fully state approved and/or accredited as part of a recognized evaluative process.

We are working with our partner ACMVET to assist vocational/trade schools, community colleges and universities in the steps to becoming an accredited/certified military & veteran support campus/institution/school.

OUR MEMBER SCHOOLS INCLUDE those who provide educational services to our active duty, reserves, guard, veterans, retirees and their families:

Vocational and/or Trade Schools

Two Year Community Colleges

Two - Four Year Colleges and Universities


The specific purposes of the USMEA is to form a coalition of educational institutions exchanging and/or providing “best practices”, information and mutual support to improve the United States educational opportunities while certifying them as a military/veteran supportive campus/institution. This is to include vocational schools, community colleges, universities, organizations and corporations. USMEA will be conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and certification workshops.

USMEA continues to assist our military, veterans and their families in making an informed decision on their selection of a Post Secondary Institutions of Higher Learning degree plan.

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