USMEA Collaboration

USMEA serves as an educational resource leader of character committed to values of duty, honor, country and provide excellent military/veteran pilot programs, veteran support initiatives, sensitivity & awareness training on military culture, including related issues such as PTSD/TBI, physical, mental disabilities, suicide and hyper-vigilance for staff and faculty along with our subject matter experts.

We work closely with vocational schools, community colleges, universities, and individual state veteran affairs offices making sure everyone is providing this much required accreditation and certification training along ACMVET.

We educate and share information with its members and the public on best practices for military educators. Represent the best interests of the military/veteran students to the military and government.

USMEA and Collaborating Partners are comprised of vocational schools, nationally accredited, regionally accredited colleges and universities. We also work with corporations and community organizations to increase awareness of higher education student veterans' retention, graduation and employment placement rates.

We assist institutions in ways to achieve a higher retention/graduation of military/veteran students as well as increasing options on employment placement opportunities of student veterans' throughout the United States of America. This is done by working with employment partners assistance.